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Excellent Horse Training System for Haflinger, Belgian, & Percheron Horses

Train your Haflinger, Belgian, or Percheron horses here at R J Ranch in Leeds, Alabama. Bring out your draft horses' full potential with our results-driven horse training methods developed in-house.

Training Regimen

Horse owners are provided a variety of training options for their animals, including wagon-pulling training. For best results, we cater to young horses which haven't been broken yet. Included in our training services are boarding privileges, as well monthly progress reports.

Training Locations
Customers are welcome to use our facilities for horse training purposes. Alternatively, we also offer convenient off-facility, on-location training.

Horse with Rider

Boarding Locations & Pricing
Two locations are provided for our optional horse boarding service. The first is within our 125-acre farm. The other one is in an eight-stall barn, in a separate 20-acre land just ten miles away. 

Contact us in Leeds, Alabama, for highly systematized horse training.